Our Story

We were born and raised in Louisiana, and with each year we come face to face with the challenges that hurricane season brings. We watch the news in fear of the next storm that will hit, wondering if our homes and community will make it through, and if it does, we question how life altering the damage will be. Most recently, our community was hit by another devastating storm, Hurricane Ida. People experienced a wide variety of damage- from missing a few shingles to catastrophic roof and water damage. We watched as our friends and neighbors scrambled to put the pieces back together and felt called to step up and help in whatever ways we could. Little did we know that our passion for repairing and serving our community would lead to the birth of JPS Home Builders. We have always enjoyed renovating spaces, but this has expanded beyond merely being a hobby. We now have the opportunity to impact our city and make a lasting change. Our clients are our family, friends, and community- this is what makes JPS special. We are locally owned and can confidently say we are here before the storm, during the storm and after the storm. We are here for you.


To service our clients and community with professionalism and the highest quality of workmanship.

Core Values


We believe our faith fuels our compassion for our community and creativity in our design and restoration.


We take pride in working for families and treating our employees and subcontractors like family. 

Giving Back

We believe in empowering Latina women seeking to become business owners by investing in them. We also assist families experiencing the loss of a child.

Polo Bear Foundation

We make it our personal mission to show up for people. One way we do this is by giving teddy bears to women who have lost a child.

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