Julissa Olivares

Julissa is the owner and co-founder of JPS home builders. Her unique background in sales and management education have paved the way for her leadership as Chief Executive Officer. She also proudly takes on the title of wife and mother of four; her belief is that family and God should be at the center of it all. Her keen eye for design and a vision to see JPS expand are just two of her many strengths. She is the driving force behind JPS and hopes to inspire other Latina women in her community to pursue their own dreams no matter the obstacles.

Polo Olivares

Polo is the head contractor and co-founder of JPS Home Builders. His background in construction started when he was a teen working summers with his uncle installing floors. This early experience produced a passion in him to continue expanding his skills. This passion became a hobby when they purchased their first home and he did all the major renovations to the house, from knocking down load bearing walls for open concepts, to full kitchen and bathroom renovations. After Hurricane Ida, Polo became all too aware of his community’s need for reliable local construction companies. His love for quality work, attention to detail, and desire to see projects completed is what makes him a top-notch contractor and co-founder.

Maria Feliu

Maria is a native of New Orleans and the administrative assistant for JPS Home Builders. She joined the team in 2022 and has created the processes for estimates, invoicing, payment receipts, and payroll. She acts as the liaison to both the clients and employees and excels in making them feel welcome and at home. She is also a wife, mother of four, and enjoys working out and spending quality time with her family.


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